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Elvar's New Year Trip

Elvar's writing

We stayed at Daichan Farm, which is an apple farm (see, in Asahi-machi from January 1 to January 3, 2021.

The food there was great! For our late Osechi dinner (eaten on January 1st), we had homemade soba (freshly made by hand by the family for the new year), wild boar (イノシシ) which tasted great since the host is a great cook and the wild boars around Asahi-machi eat a lot of the tastiest apples in Japan (though the farmers wish they wouldn't), and carp (鯉) that they farm.

Our second dinner on January 2nd was so huge and delicious also! It included fantastic stewed wild boar ( イノシシの煮込み ), hot pot (鍋物) with local pork which was very tender and sweet since it is fed on local apples, homemade pizza, and many side dishes (副菜).

Throughout our stay we got to drink plenty of Daichan made apple juice!

Our hosts there were so sweet and kind. Each morning the head of the household got up to clear snow around the house and clear the snow off our car (without us asking but we were grateful for the help) since it snowed a lot that weekend.

Megumi's writing

There are Onuma's pictures. There had heavy snow.

And, there are some pictures taken around this trip.

In addition, local newspaper in Yamagata wrote Elvar's trip!!


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