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Ito/Suzuki Lab, Creative Flow Research Division, Institute of Fluid Science, TOHOKU UNIVERSITY


Hello! It's Design of Structure and Flow in the Earth Lab!

The goal of our research is to build systems in which humans can live with nature sustainably. Subsurface rock formations play an important role in the energy system as a supply of geothermal energy, and as a disposal site for CO2 and radioactive waste. On the other hand, the rock structure is complex, and the utilization of subsurface resources should be designed in harmony with the natural fluid flow and stress conditions in the subsurface. In our research, we aim to design sustainable energy systems in harmony with the environment by understanding the natural "structure" and "flow". In addition, we have been exploring how new science and technology can be utilized in society and what an environmentally harmonious society may look like. In this respect, our research considers the exchange of people’s ideas and opinions on energy systems, energy production and energy use.


complex system, natural law, fracture structure, reservoir, natural energy, transport phenomena, heterogeneous media, anomalous diffusion, random walk, fractal, multiscale, inverse problem, design of crust, topology, homology, topology analysis, pattern recognition, tracer analysis, temperature evaluation, resistivity analysis, geothermal reinjection, sustainable system, geothermal energy, carbon capture and strage, nuclear waste repository, methane hydrate, fuel cell, flow in bone


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Students will not be assigned to our Lab, they will be assigned to Ito Lab of the Institute of Fluid Sciences or Hashida Lab of the Graduate School of Engineering.

●High school students

Please enroll Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, School of Engineering, TOHOKU UNIVERSITY.
Please refer to this page of Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, School of Engineering, TOHOKU UNIVERSITY.
In this HP, there are pictures of doctoral course's Anna Suzuki.
There is also an interview with Anna Suzuki.

●Undergraduate students

Please belong to Ito Lab (Energy Environment course) or Hashida Lab (Mechanical system course) in Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, School of Engineering, TOHOKU UNIVERSITY.

●Graduate students

Please belong to Ito Lab (Graduate School of Environment Studies) or Hashida Lab (Division of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering) in TOHOKU UNIVERSITY.
In the case of doctoral program, we recommend that you apply for special researchers of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (DC1, DC2). Application deadline is annual from April to early May of last year.
There is also the possibility to apply for a program that incurs incentives such as RA and leading graduate school.
Please consult us if you are considering going to doctor course.

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