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Tohoku University Gender Equality Seminar at Sendai AER (May 25, 2017)

"The sky of Stanford Silicon Valley was blue."

It is a message to whom I am interested in studying why I started studying by experiencing overseas based on the experiences of staying at Stanford University,


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Academic talk (Acatalk) at Marche bar YOICHI (Sep 6, 2017)

"Dream is world peace. Domestic Geothermal Energy Development"

Now, 90% of Japan's energy is made with imported resources. I study daily domestically produced energy "geothermal energy" to be a savior of Japan and the world. It is research to think about whether the underground hot spring (hot water that is hotter than usual) flows or whether it is a sustainable design. I introduced my research to administrative staff, students.


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Tohoku University Gender Equality Promotion Center Web Site (Aug 7, 2017)

"I do not feel confident."

It is a message for young people who can not take a step as quickly as they are myself far from honor students. As a university teacher, I want to change to Japan that I can challenge many times without fear of failure, starting from a university, while staying close to a student who has anxiety.

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Earth Research Lab at MIT(Jul 16, 2018)

"Inverse analysis of fracture structures and flow for designing geological energy systems"

I introduced my research at Earth Research Lab in MIT.


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"Waku2 as life, My life style @ hot spring"

"Waku2 as life" means to enjoy working at hot spring. 


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GeoScience &GeoEnergy Webinars(Apr 1, 2021)

"Fracture networks and community networks for co-creation of geothermal resources utilization"

I introduced my research at YouTube channel.

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Waku2 as life, My life style

I introduced my life style by YouTube.

This title is "Exploring lifestyles that make effective use of geothermal resources".

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